Our bride's happiness is everything to us!

“I cannot speak highly enough of Lasting Bridal Couture. They are staffed with very intuitive and friendly people. I was a bride that did not want the full experience, I just wanted to find the right dress and find it fast. The people who helped sensed that and did not make me feel strange for it. I saw a couple of other brides in the store that had very different needs and energy levels from me having a fabulous time. They definitely cater their service to each bride individually. I visited a lot of boutiques before ending up here and Lasting Bridal is by far the friendliest one I visited.”


June 26, 2018

“I had an appointment this past Saturday and from the moment we opened the door until we left we were treated so great! Brandy was assigned to me and she was absolutely AMAZING! She was very personable, she was knowledgeable, and she was very patient. I’m not sure if it was excitement or what but as I was putting on the first dress my eyes filled with tears. I actually end up trying on the dress 3 more times but it did win me over fully. Brandy saw I was stressed and indecisive so she offered me a glass of champagne and my family a beverage as well. Although I didn’t find THE dress, in which I was super bummed about, Brandy truly went over and beyond for me and I am forever grateful! Thank you Brandy!!!!”


June 28, 2018

“I went to Lasting Bridal Couture today thinking I would just try on some dresses and see what I liked and didn’t like. Little did I know, I would find THE perfect dress! It’s so beautiful, and I can’t wait for my fiancé to see it! As I was walking into the store, I saw my name on the chalkboard outside. Little things like that always get me excited. Then, Talyn was my helper for the day. She asked me what I was looking for, asked for my budget, and then she went to work! She was so sweet, and so helpful! I had the best experience here, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone! They have TONS of dresses, and each one has its own hint of being unique.”


July 21, 2018