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Nov 04, 2022

Satin, chiffon and tulle—oh my! Brides, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with fabric choices for your wedding gown. Knowing which fabrics you like ahead of time can make the process much easier. In today’s blog, we are breaking down common bridal fabrics to help you decide which choice suits your style best.



Chiffon is a great choice if you want your wedding gown to be light and effortless. Because of its soft and sheer design, it’s often layered or used as an accent fabric.



Crepe is suited for the simple and elegant bride. The crinkled surface allows the fabric to drape beautifully over the bride’s curves. However, this is one of the more heavy fabrics.



While extremely common in bridal, lace comes in such a variety of styles that it can allow a gown stand out. It’s the perfect fabric to add soft and romantic details to any silhouette.



Similar to chiffon, organza is a sheer and lightweight fabric, but it’s slightly more structured with a shiny finish. This makes it ideal to add fullness to a skirt.



Satin is a heavy yet smooth fabric that comes in a variety of different styles. The delicate sheen adds a refined elegance to any bridal look.



This timeless and traditional fabric also comes in many diverse textures. Silk has a muted shine and light, effortless feel that makes it suitable for any season.



Tulle portrays an airy, romantic vibe while still holding structure, making it perfect for full skirts. This is a very delicate fabric that can range from light and flowing to heavy and stiff.


Happy shopping, Dallas brides!