Choosing The Right Veil For Your Gown

Choosing The Right Veil For Your Gown

Choosing The Right Veil For Your Gown. Mobile Image

Nov 04, 2022

So you’ve found your gown, now what? It’s time to accessorize! Nothing screams classic bridal quite like a veil. While they might not be for every bride, veils are the perfect way to take your bridal look up a notch. In today’s blog, we are touching on how to choose a veil to complement your bridal gown. No matter what style you decided on, there’s a veil to match! Keep reading for our tips.


Think about length

Length is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a veil. Do you want a dramatic cathedral length or a short and sassy elbow length? Something in between, maybe? Let your gown guide you to the right veil length. If your dress has a long, detailed train, try a shorter veil—such as a fingertip or waltz length—to ensure your gown is the star of the show. If your dress has a shorter train, add drama with a cathedral veil.


Don’t forget embellishments!

Once you’ve decided on length, the next step is choosing the detail (if any!) you want on your veil. Want to highlight the lace on your gown? Try a matching lace trimmed veil. If your dress has beading or sequins, accentuate the sparkle with a crystal trimmed veil. Pay attention to the hem of your dress. Does it have piping or a horsehair edge? Matching the trim on your veil to the hem on your dress is a great tip for pairing the two together.


Consider placement

In order to figure out where to place your veil, be sure to choose your bridal hairstyle before deciding on a veil. The placement of your veil can make a big difference in your look. If you want more volume with your veil, place it on top of your updo. For less drama, place the veil under your updo so it cascades down your back but remains subtle from the front.

Just like your bridal gown, choosing a veil for your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Choose the one you feel most beautiful in, and you can’t go wrong!


Happy shopping, Dallas brides!