6 Questions To Ask When Buying Your Gown

6 Questions To Ask When Buying Your Gown

6 Questions To Ask When Buying Your Gown. Mobile Image

Nov 04, 2022

Finding the perfect dress can be emotional, relieving and exciting. This special moment can be many things, but one thing it shouldn’t be is stressful. In order to avoid being overwhelmed once you’re ready to buy, here is our list of six questions to ask when buying your gown!


1. How much of my dress is due today?

Most salons will require a deposit down on the dress the day you decide to buy. Make sure you ask what percentage you have to pay upfront and when the remaining will be due.


2. Do you offer in-house alterations?

Ask your salon if they have a seamstress who alters their gowns in store or if they have someone they recommend.


3. How can this gown be customized?

If you love the gown but think there’s something missing, ask your consultant how it can be changed! Does it come in other colors? Can I add sleeves? Can I remove fabric from the skirt? All of these questions are great to ensure your dress is everything you want it to be.


4. When is my gown expected to arrive?

Be mindful of your wedding date. If you’re ordering a gown, it might not arrive in time for your wedding if your date is coming up soon. Make sure to have your consultant check shipping dates before you make a deposit on a dress.


5. Can I buy the sample?

As long as the dress is in good shape and close to your size, ask about buying the dress off the floor. This is a great option if you have a short amount of time to shop, and sample gowns will usually be discounted as well. Bonus!


6. Do I get a discount if I buy accessories with you?

If you’re planning on wearing a veil, jewelry, belt or any other accessory, most bridal salons will offer a discount on these items if you purchased your dress at that location.


Happy buying, Dallas brides!